6 Of The Best Natural Dog Treats For Your Dog

If you are looking for amazing, high-reward treats for your doggo, but want to keep it all-natural, you have come to the right place! We have put together a list of six amazing treats and snacks that your doggo is sure to love!

Let’s first talk about why going with a natural treat is the best option for doggos. Natural doggo treats contain way more protein and vitamins while having less fattening ingredients and chemical additives. The lack of these ingredients can help your doggo process and digest their treats easier, keeping their digestive tract healthy!

When choosing your doggo’s treat keep in mind any potential allergies! Little doggos, especially ones that are mixed breed, often suffer from many allergies. Sticking to a single protein diet, snacks, and treats will help figure out what those potential allergies may be and what to stay away from.

So, let us show you 6 amazing natural doggo treats worth trying!


This is the first and most obvious choice for an all-natural doggo treat your furry friend will love!

Here is a list of fruit to try and some to avoid!

  • Watermelon: a wonderful, refreshing, and hydrating snack for all doggos. As long as you remove the seeds and rind, as they may cause intestinal blockages, a little bit of watermelon will be sure to make your furry friend one happy doggo!
  • Apples: the perfect snack for all doggos who need a high-reward treat, that is sweet and healthy. Apples are full of vitamin C, vitamin A and fibre for a healthy gut. As long as you remove the core and seeds, it is the perfect snack to help your dog keep their breath smelling nice and their teeth clean!
  • Pears: Pears, similarly to apples, can be enjoyed by your furry friend. They are perfectly cooled in the fridge or freezer and filled with vitamins C and K, copper and fibre.

Fruit to avoid

  • Grapes: never give your dog grapes. They have toxins that are poisonous to your canine companion and can cause kidney issues.
  • Citrus: Citrus fruits are far too sour and can cause tummy upset in dogs.

As you enjoy your amazing fruit, if they are safe, share it with your doggo, they will love you for it.


If you are preparing your go-to stir fry, and your doggo won’t leave your side, check out lists online for what veggies are safe for you to share. Here we will share a few with you, but do your research before giving your doggo anything you aren’t sure of.

  • Cucumber: this is the perfect, low-calorie snack for your furry friend. A cool cucumber is the perfect summer snack for its crunch and hydration.
  • Carrots: carrots are low-calorie snacks that are high in fibre and beta-carotene, which produces vitamin A. They are super fun to crunch on, and if served cool, another summertime snack.
  • Sweet Potato: this is a wonderful filler for all meals. If cooked in non-seasoned water, it can be added as mash or chunks to any single protein meal to add fibre and vitamins such as B6, C, and A.

Veggies to avoid

  • Onions: These are a hard no when it comes to your furry friends’ diet. They are highly poisonous and will cause stomach issues.
  • Tomatoes: these are highly poisonous for doggos, the green parts of tomatoes have a toxin that is called solanine, which can at worst kill doggos.
  • Asparagus: When raw, asparagus is far too tough for your furry friend to chew and digest, when cooked the asparagus loses all nutrients and is far too stringy for their digestive tract.

Goat Horns

Are goat horns safe for dogs? Absolutely! They are a super-crunch keratin-rich snack that helps your doggo work out their jaws and sharpen their teeth. The enzymes in your doggos saliva help break down the goat horn, causing a satisfying crunch for them.

Make sure to supervise your dog with any tough treat like a goat horn. If your dog can’t handle a goat horn, deer antlers are a great alternative.

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are a great and natural treat for your doggo and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Bully sticks are the perfect snack for when you need your doggo to tire out and be occupied for long periods. For example, when giving them a groom or clipping their nails!

Bully sticks are also great for keeping their jaw strong and keeping their teeth clean and healthy.

Green-lipped mussel

Green-lipped mussels are an amazing and super healthy snack packed with antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

They are known to be a natural anti-inflammatory. They reduce joint pain and protect a dog’s cartilage due to containing omega fatty acids and glucosamine. Green-lipped mussels also contribute to better immunity in your dog.

If medically used, it takes about 10 days for them to take effect and act as an anti-inflammatory. However, if given as a treat, they can act as a way of slowing down the processes of getting arthritis in older doggos.


Whether kangaroo jerky, kangaroo knuckles or kangaroo tendons, it is always an amazing choice of a snack for your canine companion. Kangaroo is a great protein to try with dogs who are prone to allergies.

Kangaroo is a chewy protein and has the same added benefits of teeth cleaning while your dog is snacking away.

Kangaroo is a low-fat and iron-rich protein, which means it is a healthy treat option to incorporate into any dog’s diet. Plus it contains collagen and fibre, and helps to support a healthy metabolism!

For another great source of collagen, try collagen sticks, for healthy skin and coat.

Get snacking!

You can also stick to the classics, like natural cow ears. Now that you have a guide to all things natural snacks, we hope you find the perfect treat for your doggo, no matter what occasion! For any nutritional or allergy concerns, always consult with your vet for professional advice.